Ajith is a Confident person, this incident is to show that Ajith fans are also confident!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I asked one of my friends to get ‘ rasigar mandram ‘ ticket for 1st day 1st show for Aegan in Vidya theater ( tambaram).He asked me to come to theater at 8.30 am and when I called him by 8.15 he asked me get ticket from counter since the movie had started and he gave my ticket to someone else. I got disappointed and was vexed. Then at around 9.30 I thought of going to vetri theater (2 KM from vidya) but I was not sure whether aegan was screened there. But anyways I just gave a try and went up to the theater and was excited to aegan posters and banners all around the theater. I then quickly went to the bike park and parked my bike.I got a black ticket and went and watched the movie.

As usual the movie was exciting and had a lot of fun, especially during introduction .Now I’ll post another article about the movie review. Here I will tell you the incident which happened while watching the movie. When HEY SALA song came there was a lot of excitement in the crowd and we enjoyed the song since it was excellent, raising everyone’s spirit. When the song got over there was a huge roar in the crowd asking for once more. But the operator didn’t do so. The movie continued but the roar was not over, everyone stood up and were banging the seats and shouting “ONCE MORE PODRA DEY ……… “.But the operator was adamant and didn’t play it again. Two scenes passed and still crowd didn’t stop roaring. continuously for 15 minutes the crowd was shouting and after some time on the screen it was displayed as interval. Now imagine what could have happened? Did everyone go out of their seat? No , instead with self confidence everyone started shouting loud .And I was sitting (actually standing) near the door and when a few people went out I asked them not to go and ant the theater was jam packed in the interval. Still the operator didn’t play it. It was looking as if there was a strike! Everyone said that no one would go out for interval .So if no one goes out then it will be a loss for the canteen of the theater. So the operator was pushed to a situation to play it again. Since all fans were united and confident we were able to play it once more. In the meantime when we were shouting there was even crackers blasting inside the theater near the screen. Below is that video.

“Be proud to be a THALA FAN.”


rajesh said...

cheers...i too watch first day first show

with this incident i should be proud as thala fan
thala rockz..
thala fans also rockz...

meyya said...

yes thala fans always follow thala .

Gowtham said...

I like Ajith as well but if you feel proud about what had happened in the theater, then i think you are mentally retarted! All of those moron in the hall!

meyya said...

@ gowtham
first of all happy to see you again in my blog da.

kaladhaiiku theriyuma karpoora vasanai !!!!!!!
hey understand da , for once more and other fun only people watch first day first show by paying more , if you think once more and fun is illegal then for 15 rupee ticket they charge 100 in counter itself.SO they expect this kind of things , but since mostly vetri theater won't release ajith films (only kreedom , billa and now aegan) rather they are linked with ajiths rival they didn't play the song once more .so it was nothing wrong we did.Understand i am not trying to justify what had happened ,but everything is part of fun unless there are any damages to anyone .

Gowtham said...

I was hoping that you are Educated till now!

meyya said...

Agreed , scholar gowtham !!!!!!

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