Finally deactived it !

Sunday, November 16, 2008

The deactivation i am talking about is , not receiving any further vodafone caller tunes requests and download sms.The kind of sms i receive is "hot mallika wall papers ", "trisha vs Asin" , etc.Do they think that if they send such cathy sms we guys would download those wallpapers and photos to the mobile ?If I need "hot mallika wal papers " , why should i go for a mobile download ? rather i will download even more hotter wallpapers from internet to my pc !
I got pissed of by these kind of sms and called vodafone to deactivate it .And also deactivted it.
I will just include how to deactivate vodafone caller tunes request and service sms incase it might help you.
send a sms " Start DND " to 1909 .
Sms will not be charged , 1909 is a toll free number !


Gowtham said...

May be on a second thought you should consider that hot mallika wallpaper downloads ~_~

meyya said...

well , i have a lot of them and now using one in my desktop !!