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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Hey folks, I would like to tell you about a website (Sterling Silver Jewellery ) that I found while performing a Google search for some Silver Bracelets related sites. The site had a good style and it looked professional. All the links in the site were easily navigable and the content in the site had a good clarity of what it was intended to convey.

Various products such as Key Silver, Silver Bangles, Silver Bracelets, Silver Necklaces, Silver Pendants and Silver Cleaning Cloths are offered by Jewellery. Among all these products I got attracted by Sterling Silver Bracelets because of their variety. You would be surprised to know that there are around 34 types of Bracelets are available. Each and every Bracelet here is unique and there are also very attractive designs. The price for the bracelets seems to be nominal when design and quality are considered. Among the various types of bracelets Happy Days Bracelet is my favorite. The reason for this is, Happy days Bracelet consists of 7 hearts which have unique color and these seven hearts are linked smooth solid silver links and at the two ends of the bracelet there are two cute balls which are silver in color. And the cost of this bracelet is only £15.00.

About the company, Key Silver has been online since 2006.The main area of their business is silver jewellery and the silver content in the jewellery in .925 stamp i.e. is 92.5 % silver content. The specialty about Key silver is that, you won’t get the silver jewellery in the market which is available in their website. Because, the jewellery which are available in key silver is sourced directly from jewellery makers in Thailand. This reduces the cost of the jewellery since there would be no commissions for dealers and sub-dealers.

So if you have an idea of buying any silver jewellery choosing key silver would be a sensible decision


sandyxxx said...

I love the summary you put for your work. They describe your work very well. When I first see your creation, it strikes me immediately is the colors. It is so strong and beautiful. You have very good sense of colors and details and skills of sewing. Good work!
925 sterling silver